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Peaceful Lawn & Garden.  Zero-Emission, Quiet, & Organic Lawn Care and Landscapes in Westbury & adjacent Southwest Houston Neighborhoods


Much like sharp cuts and define edges provide a clean look our zero-emission lawn care equipment also leaves you with clean air.  


Battery-powered electric lawn care equipment is documented to be more than 60% quieter than their gas counter parts.


Our eco-friendly commitment to zero toxins and organic approach is perfect for People, Pets, & Pollinators to thrive.

Peaceful Lawn Services

all Electric lawn care

We mow and maintain your lawn with 100% battery powered equipment. It's clean and quiet experience that you and your neighbors can appreciate. You have to hear it to believe.

Garden Bed Maintenance

From hedge/bush trimming, to weeding beds, to pruning veggie plants and small trees we have a bed maintenance plan that can meet your needs.

Organic Lawn Care

Our soil first approach is ideal if you're looking for a beautifully lush lawn that's healthy and resilient. Organics have proven to work better and make our landscapes bloom at their best when we follows the laws of nature.

Edible Gardens

Vegetable gardens are how we got started and it's still a passion to this day. Whether you're a newbie and ardent professional we can help build and/or maintain a garden you can enjoy from year around in our Southwest Houston climate.

Dye-Free Mulching

Cheap dyed mulch is terrible for your plants and landscape. We only use mulches native to our area that protect the soil, improves plant health, and keeps the weed down as an added bonus!

Bringing Innovation to Houston

Peaceful Lawn and Garden brings innovation to Houston.  Research technology has made it possible for us to bring a better lawn care experience. Battery electric lawn equipment is quieter and just as powerful as their gas counterparts without the emissions. The world of organics have proven that we can produce better and more resilient results by teaming with nature instead of fighting against it.


Going GREEN was it for me..Our lawn has never looked as good as it does now! We've used Peaceful Lawn for over a year and couldn't be happier. I am very happy with the professionalism, efficiency.

T. Tate

Houston, TX

I use them for their natural hardwood mulch, organic fertilizers, and bed maintenance. Was on time, very professional, used high quality products, and left the area clean and "peaceful".

R. Cooper

Houston, TX

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