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Water Saving 

Easily save more and guess less. Our organic process reduces the need for  watering your landscape. Peaceful Lawn & Garden’s organic fertilizer holds  moisture, unlike those used by most landscapers, reducing how frequently you  need to water your lawn and plants. Our native plants also conserve water, once  again reducing how frequently you water. Additionally, they’re stunning,  maintenance-free and good for birds, butterflies, & bees. 

Regular Property Assessments. 

Keeping your landscape healthy and beautiful requires experts who address your  current needs and anticipate future ones. Peaceful Lawn & Garden removes the  guesswork by proactively assessing your property and telling you what’s to come.  Finally, you can simply enjoy your lawn and garden worry-free. 

Recurring Maintenance Services 

We provide regular maintenance of your property so your lawn and garden never 

lose their health and beauty. And, we make it easier than watering your lawn by  getting you on the schedule in advance and setting up automatic payments so you  can easily manage your account with us. 

The Small Things Peaceful Lawn & Garden Does 

Provide responsive customer service and unmatched communication 


Close your gates after we leave, sparing your from chasing a runaway pet. 


Quietly blow off all hard surfaces so you’re not left to clean up our mess. 


NEVER rush your service. 


Send you a photo of your technician before they arrive in our uniform and  


company truck. 

Vet our team members with a 3rd party background check they MUST pass. 


More Reasons to Choose Peaceful Lawn & Garden 


Up to 75% quieter than traditional lawn services 


Focus on you, your neighbors, our planet, pets, & Pollinators – 

Simple Subscription Payments 


Customer exclusive phone & text line means you can always get a response – 

Uniformed, Licensed, Background checked employees 


Insured for your protection 


Firefighter & Family Owned and operated